It’s SMART to approach life with loving kindness, a peaceful home, time freedom and the lasting gift of the legacy that trails on forever through you. It’s SMART to support the family, friends and team in your life with service and sacrifice. It’s SMART to feel, see, think and touch the future creatively ! It’s […]

Weeeeek FOUR ! MKMMA Jennifer Kestrel McTigue

GOALS AND SACRIFCE Diving deep, settling in a bit and feeling a shift forward in this 4th week. My organization around completing the tasks has improved and I’m really feeling attached to and committed to being involved in this amazing self discovery adventure ONE HUNDRED %. I’m using the OATS model on a daily basis […]

Week Four — Stacey’s Master Key experience

Exercise the mind! The more you continuously think positive thoughts, the less time spent thinking any negative thoughts and they start to just be non-existent. I have not had difficulty n life accomplishing tasks that I set my mind on, but I have gotten so caught up in accomplishing those tasks that my compassionate side […] […]

MKMMA week 3- Jennifer Kestrel McTigue

Just knowing that we’re all meant for something better and that if we want to create special lives for ourselves and our families it’s our choice. Knowing I am capable of rising up to my  full potential is crazy exciting. Just learning that the universe is open to giving and we’re capable of attracting and […]

MKMMA Week 2 – Kestrel

This is a bit early, But I’m headed out on a BUSINESS ADVENTURE  !  Watch out Orlando, FL So many feelings and learning how to just be with each is a great experience. Feeling a bit overwhelmed, tired, excited, challenged, focus, discipline, looking at how I have lived life in the past yet moving forward […]