Kestrel MKMMA – 12 13 14 !! (might as well admit it )

I truly am inspired by the growth I’m having and how my senses have opened up to the world around me BUT what the heck !  Get it together girlfriend !   BLOG every week !

Get on top of this commitment I’ve made to MYSELF !!  Having to back track is a nice way to take a look at where we’ve been, BUT taking the time to finish the tasks daily will be the peaceful laser focus I’m committed to .

This is important and when I’m 100% the feeling is just incredible. I’m learning to HOLD myself to a higher standard. This half ass stuff just doesn’t cut it anymore !!

Good Habits are seriously the key to success !  Fire & Wire the simple everyday tasks to train the mind and be connected to this power that’s just waiting to fulfill our dreams. The real life meant to be lived. Cooperating with the infinite and giving recognition to the universal mind opens me up for the infinite to support my subconscious. Letting the natural laws flow. Seeing what I’m attracting in reality is the true test of my thoughts and actions ! Whatever is flowing into my world, my life right now has an absolute purpose and is the realization of my dynamic power of thought and practice.   SPIRITUAL NATURE OF THOUGHT – so much power when focused.

I can Be a DREAMER it’s ok now !  I’ve been given permission and it feels like I’m flying free !  Life as a gypsy before settling into my home, office, barn and travel !  encouraging and investing in my family and friends adventures. The training in the main stream everyday way of life has been so structured yet limiting.  MKMMA has so many tasks and structure that I’m laughing right now at the rate of speed we are zooming into freedom !

This Freedom will evolve as I see and feel it, so becoming very clear and harmonious with the vision is extremely important.

” Your world without will be a reflection of your world within. ”


Jennifer Kestrel






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