Nine & Ten ! MKMMA Kestrel

I’m feeling so much gratitude and LOVE for life. The family and friends that surround me are true angles. I believe I’m being given the up close and personal training on how to support, and spread the kindness to people in need of a little love boost to continue their motivation toward their passions.

Believe that your burning desire has already been accomplished and continues to grow out into nature and the universe.  When I first choose Recognition of Creative Expression as a personal pivotal need I wasn’t sure where it was leading me. Now I see the creativity blossoming in each goal that is coming true step by step. Life and the ability to move into our true potential is an absolute power.

I was feeling as if the path I’m headed on was a bit blurry from the present moment to completing my goals, I knew I was on the right path, personal and business, but It wasn’t clear how it was going to start evolving. As we have moved through weeks 9 & 10 & into week 11 I have found a focus and the ability to see what my next step is that will lead to the beauty of Junebughomestead being complete.  This Vermont home needs a lot of LOVE. I’m watching my life being lead by the compass fall into places that are on my movie poster. More family time, focus on LifeVantage, growing team, Finances changing, housing, stepping out and passing on responsibilities at the JOB, getting out in nature.

( just to put the steps in writing  )  !!   Sam,  my son will be living in a different place other than Junebughomestead. He will be saving / purchasing land. I am building a storage barn to hold all possessions that are now there and to house my two beautiful horses ! The current barn will be taken down and rebuilt – so much amazing dreaming going on here !  This will include a small living space / tack room / office, which i will spend some time in while the 200 year old Vermont Farm House is being restored !!  Whew !  This feels like the real deal.  Steps are falling into place !

I truly needed the first steps to fall into place in my mind. I feel like a different person right now. This is the path to serve others.









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