Week EIGHT a little late ! MKMMA Kestrel

just can’t seem to let go of the Creative Principle of the Universe and merging into week NINE.  wow  reality check on how fast life moves when your following your compass.

Constructive Imagination has been such a fun piece of the puzzle this week. I feel like I’ve finally been given permission to dream and know that what I keep imagining is my future !

Connecting part 8 to our seven laws of the mind, dmp, and action plan was just another level of firing & wiring for me. The connections really pull me forward.

We have the ability to think, imagine and make our dreams come true !  MKMMA is seriously giving me the solid foundation to become disciplined and focused on spiritual & personal growth, and how this directly effects and aligns with my business. Giving me the confidence and posture to be in control of my own business.



The reason why we’ve pulled the rug out from under you

so many times,

is so you can see you don’t need a rug.

You can fly !

We are here to remind you,

The universe will support you


in ALL-Ways                      Mahada Thomas 2009


BUT ! ……. i will still imagine that I have a flying carpet to come visit all you master minds and dear special friends.     Kestrel – I greet this day with LOVE in my heart.


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