Week EIGHT a little late ! MKMMA Kestrel

just can’t seem to let go of the Creative Principle of the Universe and merging into week NINE.  wow  reality check on how fast life moves when your following your compass. Constructive Imagination has been such a fun piece of the puzzle this week. I feel like I’ve finally been given permission to dream and […]

week 7 MKMMA Kestrel – It’s real

So amazing to bring my future into reality through my life movie poster and audio recording !  Seeing my time and financial freedom unfold before my eyes. To hear my voice and actually feel moved and filled with emotion as I listen to the commitment in my voice! Realizing this commitment is to ME and […]

Week 7 — masterkeylaurie

I had an interesting experience today. I have struggled with putting a compass over my watch this last week because I work as a nurse and I’m very dependent upon the clock throughout my day. So I had decided not to cover my watch while at work. I do carry my little compass with me […] […]


It’s SMART to approach life with loving kindness, a peaceful home, time freedom and the lasting gift of the legacy that trails on forever through you. It’s SMART to support the family, friends and team in your life with service and sacrifice. It’s SMART to feel, see, think and touch the future creatively ! It’s […]